Transition Planning

We look forward to helping you with key considerations as you contemplate a transtion, such as:

Do you keep client information (name, address, etc.) in a standard data or text file format? Client data cannot be shared with KMS prematurely, but we can help you streamline your preparation of transfer paperwork.

What's the timing of your major revenue inflows (fees, trails, etc.)? Minimizing revenue loss through the transition is a key consideration.

Where are your clients' brokerage accounts currently held? The transfer process, exit fees, and other factors vary with different clearing and custodial platforms, but we've worked on incoming transfers from just about all of them.

What about “blanket” or “block” transfer of client accounts? “Block” transfers without individual client signatures are possible only under unusual circumstances, and we generally can focus on more efficient alternatives.

Do you offer fee-based asset management services? We have multiple platforms and custodial options to support this business. [See Products & Platforms.]

Do you need access to certain private account managers or special products? We work with a number of platforms and can likely meet your needs in this area. [See Products & Platforms.]

What insurance company appointments will you need? We have an extensive library of appointment forms for dozens of companies and can expedite your re-appointments under KMS so you can continue to service your clients' variable life and annuity contracts.

Would you like our help on an announcement letter?  We can help craft an announcement that's succinct and tailored to the tenor of your client relationships.

Your Practice. Our Commitment.