Our Commitment

Hello and thank you for your interest in KMS. As President and CEO of our firm, it is my honor to share our commitment with you.

We are committed to empowering our financial professionals to make a meaningful difference to those they serve, while aligning with our financial professionals to make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate at every opportunity.

We are committed to emphasizing individual freedom, an embrace of each practice’s unique way of doing business, and a focus on prioritizing advisor ideals, goals and relationships above just dollars and cents.

We are committed to an approach to compliance, overall support and economics that makes us the destination for selective financial professionals who care about long-term growth and stability instead of finding a midcareer pitstop.

We are committed to supporting financial professionals who recognize that one solution isn’t appropriate for everyone, and who prioritize the right product or service, at the right time, for the right client. 

We are committed to allowing financial professionals to direct where assets are custodied, across the four leading platforms, to enable greater choice and to serve clients who have specific custody and clearing requirements. 

We are committed to helping retiring or selling financial professionals find partners and buyers, as well as receiving consultations on practice valuation and the creation of legal agreements. 

And we are committed to progressive ideas for recruiting new talent that include technology and business model upgrades, such as financial planning software that appeals to the next generation of financial professionals. 

We uphold these commitments because we believe they provide the best opportunities for financial professionals to improve the financial lives of investors, and we hope you agree.



Erinn Ford
KMS Financial Services, Inc.
President and CEO

Your Practice. Our Commitment.